Podcast Innovations is the premiere online podcasters toolbox prepared by broadcast and voiceover industry professionals. Podcast Innovations includes everything you’ll need to start a quality podcast or improve an existing podcast. Just like Disneyland…Podcast Innovations will never be complete. We will continually be adding the best content to help you build your podcast, achieve the best sound quality, reach your target audience and monetize your show.



How to Videos

Podcast Innovations shows you step-by- step everything you need to know to launch your podcast.  Then the training and fun really begin!

Training from Industry Leaders

Podcast Innovations was created by voice over and broadcast professionals. So naturally we provide advanced training from industry pros on a variety of subjects like mic placement, voice over, content creation, workflow and more…just in case you want to kill the competition

Member Forum

Interact with a community of podcasters from around the world! We learn from each other and help each other to succeed! Connect – Interact – Thrive


Podcast Imaging

Having a successful podcast means sounding better than your competition. Podcast Innovations grants you access to custom intros, outros and transitions voiced and produced by broadcast industry professionals

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